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01 Jan, 2022 | Blog Post | Spoofed Email

How to trace a spoofed email or text message

In often cases, spoofed emails or text messages is part of a phishing scam attack but it should be noticed that not all spoofed emails or messages are from fraudsters. With numerous email and messages scams finding its way to our inbox every day supposedly from a bogus company trying to get your personal information or from a blackmailer asking for some money and threatening to expose you for whatever you do on your computer or phone.

So learning how to detect spoofed emails and text messages could be critical to protecting yourself but victims to this common scam deserves the truth and justice also with some of their personal information given out already which could be used as an identity theft, it’s always wise to trace and know the actual sender of these emails and text messages.

In tracing the actual sender of a spoofed text message,it’s always advisable to contact your carrier first in which they should definitely be able to tell you who sent the text, as the senders’ carrier server would be connected to your carrier’s to deliver such messages if the sender wasn’t masked by VPN,but in most cases they don’t want to go through the log files in getting the necessary information.

Tracing a spoofed email different be a little bit different from tracing a spoofed text because some spoofed emails could be as a result of your address being used as a bounce or reply address by a spammer or a malware worm. In this case, recipients of such emails could be replying out of curiosity there’s loading your inbox with different unknown emails so its very important to be able distinguish between a spoofed email from a scammer or spammer. Tracing by contacting your email service provider, they might just pay enough attention to your report to verify it’s not originating from their network and then later shrug you off.

This is what HACKERS CLIQUE came up to provide help for victims or anyone in this situation to help trace the actual sender of spoofed emails or text messages. Contact us for more information.


Lexiqc 01 Jan 2022

This is really helpful, thanks.

Hayjay 11 Jan 2022

Very interesting

joehack 12 Jan 2022

Keep the good work up

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